250 lat teatru publicznego w Polsce
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Theatre ticket for 250 groszys

Only 2.5 PLN – that is how much those who will decide to see a performance in one of over 100 Polish theatres participating in the initiative “Ticket for 250 groszys” will have to pay for their tickets. 50 thousand spectators will be given this gift on the occasion of the jubilee of “250 years of public theatre in Poland” celebrated this year. That evening, theatres in over 40 cities will stage performances directed by the most outstanding Polish and foreign artists – among others Krzysztof Warlikowski or Jacques Lassalle.

It is on 23rd May that the Public Theatre Day will be celebrated for the first time in Poland. This celebration originates on the occasion of 250th anniversary of establishing the first professional and public Polish theatre. The Pan-Polish action, aimed at encouraging Poles to go to the theatre at least once a year, will be participated by over 100 theatres from 42 Polish cities and towns.

All of them will stage performances, tickets for which will be available for symbolic 250 groszys (2.5 PLN). Sale of tickets will begin on 11th May only in theatre box offices. Tickets will not be available online, which should encourage the audience – above all those who do not frequent theatres – to turn their steps in that direction and to make sure that the place is not as unreachable as it is often considered to be.

Some theatres will show performances on all their stages on that day. An example could be the National Theatre, which will invite both the younger as well as the older audience to as many as three performances. Families with children and school or preschool groups will be able to buy more tickets. All that so that on that day all those who really feel like it could go to theatre.

As part of the “Ticket for 250 groszys” initiative, spectators will be able to see performances that enjoyed great popularity in the recent seasons. Tickets for 250 groszys will be offered for performances of the Roma Musical Theatre or Comedy Theatre. Moreover, there will be a rich offer for children, as the initiative is participated by i.a. the Pinokio and Arlekin Theatres in Łódź, the Wrocław Puppet Theatre and the Guliwer and Lalka Theatres in Warsaw.

Audiences will be able to see broadly commented performances and those that represent Poland during international festivals. The above mentioned the National Theatre wishes to invite spectators to i.a. “Tango” directed by Jerzy Jarocki and the TR Warszawa and the New Theatre in Warsaw will stage “Angels in America” directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski.

The highest number of performances for 250 groszys on 23rd May will be offered in the capital (over 20). The Studio Theatre will stage “Talented Mr. Ripley” (dir. Radosław Rychcik) and “Onegin” (dir. Irena Jun). Those wishing to see “King Lear” (dir. Jacques Lassalle) starring Andrzej Seweryn can go to the Polish Theatre; “Hamlet” (dir. Maciej Englert) will be staged in the Contemporary Theatre, and the Ateneum Theatre will offer “A Streetcar Named Desire” (dir. Bogusław Linda).

Other cities do not look less interesting. The New Theatre in Łódź will stage “Karhan’s Brigade” (dir. Remigiusz Brzyk) and “Antigone” (dir. Marcin Liber). In Kraków, the National Old Theatre will invite spectators to the performance “Gyubal Wahazar” inspired by Witkacy’s creative output (dir. Paweł Świątek) and the J. Osterwa Theatre in Lublin to “There were Pole, Pole, Pole and a devil” directed by Remigiusz Brzyk. The Polish Theatre in Poznań will stage “The Suicide” (dir. Grigorij Lifanow), the Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych “Na Boga” (“In God’s Name”) (dir. Marcin Liber) and the Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk “Broniewski” (dir. Adam Orzechowski).

Full list of performances with tickets for 250 groszys will be published at www.250teatr.pl before 11th May.

The “Ticket for 250 groszys” will be preceded by an outdoor campaign entitled Przeżyjemy w teatrze (We will survive in theatre) (partnered by AMS), presenting drawings of key Polish graphic artists (i. a. Marek Raczkowski, Janek Koza and Andrzej Wieteszka). The works will comment on the reality or refer to social situations using “theatrical notions” that are in everyday use. The posters will appear in Polish cities in mid-May. Another element of the “theatre’s venturing out into urban space” will be a series of artistic murals in various cities. In Warsaw, they will be created by Jakub Woynarowski and in Wrocław by Sławomir Zbiok Czajkowski.

All projects within the framework of the jubilee of “250 YEARS OF PUBLIC THEATRE IN POLAND”, including the “Ticket for 250 groszys”, are financed from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and coordinated by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute. 

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